About me

I am an artist living and working in the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia. My husband and I moved here from Scotland in 2013 looking for a different pace of living closer to nature and we found it :-)

I try to capture the landscape around me with my work. When I first visited Nova Scotia I fell in love with the coastline, the boats, the farmland, the wooden houses and barns. I work both from photographs and plein air.

I work in several different mediums. My go-to paint is acrylic; I find it very versatile, great for small detailed work and wall-sized murals. I enjoy working in pen and watercolour as well; I developed this technique working plein air as a way to bring life to pen sketches. And finally there is oil. I love oil but is is a complex medium. I am trying to get back into it after some time, mainly because lately I have been inspired by the landscape around me and it's the perfect paint to capture the light and colours that surround me.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed having a pencil, pen or paintbrush in my hand. Over the years I have followed different career paths, from film making to fingerprint expert, but just under the surface there has always been the desire to create. As we established our life here in Nova Scotia I started to 'see' paintings everywhere; on a walk at the beach, on a drive to the shops, and realised I couldn't ignore the drive to paint any more!

If you're interested in my work you can buy from this site (just click 'shop' from the menu) and sometimes you can find my work in galleries (subscribe to my newsletter to hear about exhibitions - click 'news' from the menu). I am happy to consider commissions in any of the styles on this site, from small paintings to murals.

Contact me by email: art@isobelhamilton.com