home sweet home

Celebrate your new home or remember your old one with a unique commissioned portrait.

Heart and Hearth

Home is a very special place. Whether it's where you grew up, or where you raised your family, it's a central part of the story of you and your family. It's packed full of memories that, even when you move away, you never leave behind.

Home for the Soul

Your home is part of who you are. When you find that special place, whether it's a new house that you designed or a house with history that your story is to become part of, something about it reflects who you are.

The Art of Home

Celebrate your new home or immortalise the old home you may be leaving by commissioning a unique illustration of your home. You choose the view of the house, and you choose the background colour to coordinate with your style. Standard size is 6"x9" with mat for 11"x14" frame. Other sizes available.

Realtors and builders

Looking for a gift to give your client on completion of a sale? How about a unique piece of art depicting the house they're leaving behind. Just finished a house build project? Present the new owners with a piece of art celebrating their dream home.

Get in Touch

I would love to capture your home in one of my illustrated pieces of art, unique to you. I am based in Nova Scotia but I can work from a photograph wherever you are in the world. I estimate a 2 week production time plus shipping time, depending on workflow.

Email me : art@isobelhamilton.com